M&A Netzwerk

Brain Advisory

E2E.  Entrepreneurs helping Entrepreneurs.  Brain is a Business Advisory firm based in Geneva bringing together 40 internationally based independent advisors.

Serial Entrepreneurs relating to clients through industry insight and direct experience in developing business across a wide range of industrial sectors, our “Affaires du Business” support clients in areas of M&A and business development including investment strategies and the use of tools from PayStubCreator.

We are people with established reputations as independent business advisors based on senior level career experience in leading multinational companies, and frequently with direct experience in running our own businesses, including from start-up.

Galil Consultant

Galil Consultant Ltd is based on a group of professionals who specialize in Business Development, Merger & Acquisition in the industrial sector. Our vast networks of national & international partners assist us in our search for investors for structuring projects and closing deals. One of our key strengths is our independence, flexible operation, which enables us to have short lines of communication and make decisions quickly. Above all, our objectives are to be professional in everything we do and to offer a personal service to our customers so that we can build lasting relationships with them.
Galil Consultant offers a unique combination of methodical, creative yet expeditious team that present a ‘little adder’ that make the difference. We assist in determine the level of capital needed to significantly grow the business through:
• Marketing & Sales expansion
• Product development
• Business Development
• Acquisition of another business
• Joint Venture with a synergic company

Galil Consultant offer compelling investment strategies focused in areas where we believe we possess competitive advantages, and where  we are in a position to actively manage customer assets and create value through operational improvements. Through our operating platforms and global connections we are able to anticipate and capitalize on market trends. Our consulting investment approach is focused on value-oriented acquisitions and JV’s, operational value-added capital protection and risk management to deliver exceptional risk-adjusted Returns.

Bridge Facenet

Cultural, technical and economic developments are presenting a society with new challenges. Recognising the changes requires the courage to take decisive action, but even will open up a large number of opportunities. Tailor-made consultancy points the way to success at home and abroad.

Bridge, a responsible and reliable company, offers services with management consultants dedicated to high standards in sectors and markets with innovative potential and contributions to a society’s  and economy’s developments.

The basis of Bridge’s work is our competency, creativity and discretion. Co-operation is a concept Bridge apply literally. Bridge engage in direct discussions at all levels within the companies it serves. It’s aim is to devise solutions specific to the particular client’s needs. Bridge consider their duty to provide results which are sustainable in the longer term. An all-around approach ensures the successful implementation of their recommendations, even for complex projects.

M&A World

M&A World is the global network of merger and acquisition advisors, specializing in the small and medium enterprise sectors. More than 350 M&A professionals from over 125 countries are working closely together in order to provide all the undertaken transactions a successful outcome. Our professionals combine professional expertise and the latest IT technologies to provide the next generation of M&A advisory.

Corporate Finance in Europe

We help European business owners sell their company. Corporate Finance in Europe is a network of independent M&A advisors with a focus on companies with a value of 2 to 50 million Euro. We look for international buyers to offer you the best deal possible. Thanks to our team’s background we are able to find the most suitable buyer in Europe as well as in the USA.